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    I dont understand what is this Virtual FX window. For some reason, it sounds too complicated. i read the notes on http://www.interactivebrokers.com/en...F-FXTrader.php but i cannot get it.
    I trade FX and sometimes i can see the positins on TWS and sometimes i dont. I have to look at the FX window to see the positions.

    can someone explain in layman terms what is this Virtual FX window and why it is there.
    Appreciate any help.
    Today, i opened a short position using Ninjatrader 50000 USDCHF. I could not see the positionin the TWS. I had to hunt it on the FXTrader.
  2. I haven't experienced the problem you cite. But my understanding is that the virtual fx table shows your open currency pair trades. This might be different than actual fx positions.

    Example 1 - You buy a Canadian stock on the Toronto Stock Exchange. To eliminate your CAD margin load, you sell USD.CAD. Virtual fx will see this as opening a new fx trade when that's not what you're doing.

    Example 2 - You sell EUR.USD and then use all the $ to sell USD.CAD. Your actual USD position will be 0 but virtual fx will show the EUR.USD and USD.CAD positions.

    Note that you can always adjust the virtual fx data on your own to reflect what you want as it is independent of your actual cash positions.
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    how do you adjust the virtual Fx
  4. On the Account screen, in the FX Portfolio - Virtual FX Position section, put your cursor on a contract description and right click your mouse. One of the options is to adjust the position size or price.