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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Ivanovich, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Total newb question, and I might take some heat for it, but so f'ing what. I need to understand before I make decisions.

    I'm not familiar with the IB platform - the WebTrader which I'm currently demoing. As a test, I wanted to play around with it.

    I bought 1000 SLV @ 151.74, and it's showing the LAST quote as 150.42. Fine, but when I look at Yahoo for the SLV quote, I see 159.55.

    Why is this?

    You can insult me if you feel better, just answer the question if you would. :)

    I'm used to Oanda's FX platform.
  2. No one, eh?
  3. Strange, I am just seeing totally wrong quotes (simple out of reality) in another trading platform by another broker. The ask half of DOM completely weird.
    Never happened until now. May be same datafeed?
  4. Heh...but who is wrong?
  5. donnap


    I get 158.3 on TWS live. Yahoo quotes are delayed and with the thin volume of SLV may reflect trades over 15 min old.

    Perhaps someone else can give you a better answer, but I think people are pretty busy right now:)
  6. Yeah. I still show 151.43 on IB.
  7. Yahoo Quotes are not real time and delayed 15 minutes or more.

  8. MTE


    Maybe the demo platform doesn't have the real data feed!? Just a guess.

    Beside the fact that Yahoo is delayed.
  9. rwk


    The TWS demo has a fictitious data feed, but it has the advantage that it works 24/7. I don't use WebTrader, but I suspect you are seeing the same dummy data feed as the TWS demo uses.

    There is also a paper trader, available to customers only, that uses live data and give [fairly] realistic fills. I don't know if it is available for WebTrader, as I only use TWS.

    Yahoo quotes are delayed unless you subscribe to the real time service.
  10. Doesn't matter if Yahoo quotes are delayed. The IB platform never showed the Yahoo price. Not 15 minutes later, not 1 hour later. The Yahoo price hovered around 159/160 all day long. The IB demo one never broke 152.

    So that's not it. Anyone else want to hazard a guess?
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