IB programmers have a thing or two to learn

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  1. Here is what happened. I installed the newest standalone build of IB TWS. When logging, it was getting a complaint that I was using an old Java Plug-in 1.3 instead of 1.4. Well, the truth is I had both on my computer and it was never a problem for any other Java based applications I use. Apparently IB TWS did not recognize the newer Java Plug-in (1.4) and recommended removing older plug-ins. Following this advice, I removed 1.3 and guess what?

    I cannot login to a frigging IB TWS because some short-cut is missing. The short-cut to javaw.exe. The programmers at IB have a lot to learn, I guess!!! Other java applications work more or less the same, that is they work at least, but not IB TWS. I cannot login to IB because of that! TWS does not even start! I had to locate the short-cut manually and now it finally works.

    Well, programmers at IB: give me a break, no other java application I use was having problems like IB TWS! And that was not even a java-based TWS, but a standalone one. I am dissapointed, but I guess, I now know better why IB is having so many disconnections...
  2. same thing happened to me..it's ok now, though.
  3. It's got nothing to do with IB.
    Take it EZ.
  4. i had a similar problem a while back.i think i had to make sure i was using the sun java and not the msft java.
    there was a thread on this a while back.
  5. echo


    The stand-alone TWS is a Java application. Also, if the shortcut you had to change is the one I'm thinking of, then it isn't a TWS issue really, but an issue with the installation script.

    Why do folks love to universal slam a group of people (like "IB programmers")? Guess I'll never understand. Nothing wrong with saying you have a problem, but to say people you don't even know have a thing or two to learn is rather silly IMHO.
  6. In case you haven't got a solution yet, unistall TWS and Java, then install Java and TWS (do the installation in that order). The shortcut will take care of itself (should work after doing this).
  7. As a developer of software that connects with TWS, I have to deal with TWS changing their Tws.ocx file quite often. Change one thing in the pipe and everything breaks -- go figure.