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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by shelupinin, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Hi !
    I'm going to open an account at IB and I will need a programmer.
    The question: How much should I pay for such programmer(on per hour basis) and where can I find such guy?
    What I will need is some simple logic in orders like:
    for "short position"
    I have an open "sell stop limit" to enter position.
    As soon as price touch my "limit", short position opened and at that time new "stop buy" should be automatically submitted at "price + X" price and new "stop buy" at "price - Y" for half of the position . As soon as half of the position is bought at "price - Y" the initial "stop buy" at "price + X" should be modified for half of the position.
    Same for "long" position.
    So again: How much should I pay for such programming(on per hour basis) and where can I find a guy who can do it?


  2. maxpi


    Ninja Trader is an add on for IB that has similar capability built in. You might be able to do that without programming. There are other IB add-ons listed at their site...
  3. runtrader


    shelupinin - I'm a professional software architect / developer. I’ve worked in the investment banking industry for many years and I’ve developed and interfaced with many electronic trading systems. I’ve written my own automated trading system from scratch which connects to IB using their API and more recently uses FIX.

    I provide bespoke development services to investment banks and professional traders and quote on a daily basis. However my services are tailored to institutional clients, this means they are normally out of reach of the small traders.

    However, I can offer you some advice. You usually get what you pay for. If your time to market is important and you want to minimise risk and get a quality product which covers all the bases then you should get the job done professionally so you’re adequately covered.

    If however you want to absolutely minimise costs you could hire a guy straight out of college or someone with limited experience to do this for you. However this road will most likely incur additional indirect costs in terms of time and quality and you will have no guarantee.

    Bottom line – Experience really does matter. Make sure you get someone with a track record, someone with whom you can develop a positive professional relationship rather than some random guy who has done a bit of programming against the IB API!
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    i use amibroker. a widely adopted professional s/w that supports IB platform. www.amibroker.com

    programming in amibroker simple language cost much lower than other solution. unless you want a FIX connection. it'll be more than enough for you. good luck.