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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by DisciplinedHedg, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. In the Profit & Loss column, is this figure based on the last trading price, or is it based on true exit price (ie. the bid price if you are long a stock, the ask price if you are short a stock).

    If its the last trading price, I recommend changing it to the true exit price.

    Also it seems to not match the net liquidity under accounts. They are based on different numbers?

    Someone know for sure? I would test it myself, but I've had too many positions lately to know for sure.
  2. jaan


    to me it seems that the P/L is calculated based on the last trade price except when the last price is outside the best bid/offer, in which case it is calculated based on the bid or offer (depending which one is closer to last price).

    the position value in the account window is indeed different -- it seems to be calculated based on the average of bid and offer.

    - jaan
  3. I like having the open p&l marked to the last trade. I only wish they had an option to have the p&l calculated less commissions.
  4. Spark


    It would be nice feature in IB's TWS software if P/L is based on trader's actual transaction price regardless of the date of transaction.

    To my understanding, it is calculated on previous day's calculation. But for the security purchased on the same day, P/L is shown based on trader's price and the last trade.