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    My wife did a trade this morning. It was a SL in dollar/cad
    it got filled at 1.1199 at 7am, the high in the market has been in
    the 40`s. Can someone at IB please explain this
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    Not a screwup but what is par for course in Forex during news releases.

    Canadian unemployment report came out @ 7AM EST.

    Look here: http://www.forexfactory.com/

    Average price before news (6:57-6:59) was 1.1111

    Check some charts and you'll see this is the case. Also bear in mind that USD/CAD is relatively illiquid and all the more so during news releases so volatility will be exaggerated.
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    The market high from 7am to 8:30 was 1.1145 we have
    just hit 1.1168. she got filled at 1.12. THat is IB banks screwing

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    OK, I must be missing something here.

    What was the original order? A stop loss @ what price?

    Also, call up a chart in TWS. Then look at the time and sales.
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    She sent them an email.

    I trade FX for a living for a FI. I am teaching her FX trading.
    She just learned at getting screwed royally.

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    It's the standard story in retail FX. Using stops during major news release times equates to crappy fills. At least with IB, one could use a stop limit - setup so that there is a wide enough difference between the stop and limit price to account for extreme volatility.

    What bank executed the order? DBKFX?
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    I am at work so I do not know, she has gone out. I trade
    in the real world of FX. They better fix this or I will raise
    so much SHT.

  8. I have a high on the day in USDCAD at 1.1173 (+ 5 pip spread) just recently (0915) based on TradeStation. Can you check Reuters or EBS? I don't think it went above 1.1190. When it was up there in the 70's it was not spiking. My post employment spike on USDCAD was 1.1147 (+ 5 pip spread)

    Was watching the Europeans and getting @#$ed. I don't think it came even close to that high right at 0700. Sounds like crap to me.

    I have only had one SL hit through data and I was slipped w/ disappointment because the spike was not that big... And yes, I do understand markets and slippage dynamics.
  9. golf123


    I just got notified they are cancelling all trades above 1.1160
    they were all considered busted or something.

    Thanks IB.

  10. I need to confirm, but isn't it the case that all stops/limits stay resident with IB's systems. Once tripped, they get sent out. That to me is insane, because it should result in significant slippage every time...
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