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    The IBgateway has been available for a while. I'll make sure the marketing publicizes it.

    It is a lightweight process, which aside from the authentication (i.e. verify the validity of the username and the correctness of the password) can be user configured to do two things:

    1) open a socket, to which the user can connect and send (and receive) FIX order and execution messages
    2) provide market data to the API based clients
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  2. I think you should. I'm simply too busy too dig the story out by myself. If you do the same effort on it as you used to do on publicizing TWS over the years, you won't have much competition at all for something that is badly needed.

    Thank you IB.
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  3. lampshade


    I second that. I found this information on a cached google page, only after nononsense pointed out you might have direct order routing.

    Nevertheless, a great feature for automated systems.
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