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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by laocoon, Aug 30, 2005.

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    I'll run the tests you mentioned, thanks for your help. I'll keep you posted.
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  2. You can always do the traditional clean install of TWS. Of course that means manually re-entering all your hotkeys and pages.
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    I just wanted to give you an update on the problems I've been experiencing yesterday:

    I was in frequent contact with IB support (they were very helpful & responsive BTW). Their conclusion was that the connection problems I was having with the Eurofarm were probably due to the TWS version I was running (847). This version has been working fine for quite some time, but for an unknown reason it stopped doing so yesterday (at least for me).

    I'm not saying they told me that something was wrong with version 847, they just said they were aware of some connection issues and told me to upgrade to the newest version. ( They even said that the best would be to install the latest beta version, but it wasn't available on the site so I went for the latest official version. (I generally don't like to upgrade my TWS every time a new release comes out). If it ain't broken, don't fix it. But in this case, it did the job.

    I did the same for my Java version and everything worked fine again.

    Just wanted to let you know this in case you are having similar problems.

    Have a profitable day....
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  4. just21


    I had problems with 848 freezing yesterday so switched to 851 browser based. My log files got up to 30gb! I have been waiting a while for a standalone version that does not copy everthing to the log files.
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  5. Hi lacoon,

    Glad to hear that it is going again. If I may ask,
    are DAX and ESTX50 ticks from IB at your place running a bit ahead again of eSignal's?

    Be good,
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    Hi nononsense

    Sometimes IB is a few ms ahead, sometimes eSig is a few ms ahead, but generally speaking both feeds are very much in sync.

    Take care
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    hi nononsense,

    if IB is on your standby burner, what data feed/order routing solution would you recommend (preferably running on linux)?

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  8. That's a good question. Only IB seems to be smart enough up till now to have a rather complete solution. You got to still run their crazy Java TWS white elephant, but you can at least run it on linux. You interface directly to it with sockets (me from python). Another thing I know is that when it works it works.

    Since the unfortunate IB phase of the past few months, I have become very careful with IB. I really want 100% automation but I couldn't trust them as of late. That's why I talked about 'backburner', I scaled down quite a bit. Let me add that the last few weeks, things seem to have gone back to 'normal'. Heard me IB? Keep it like it.

    However, this experience had me look again at TT. Commission wise they would be more interesting in my case, certainly if I ramp up again. The problem with TT is that you need their X_trader which runs only on M$. You can run it off VMware (probably) and take it from there but TT has a crazy red tape way of keeping you from their API information. (I got their stuff though). I decided to wait for several developments. I don't like VMware (for several reasons) and expect XEN to be ready with AMD/Intel for running M$ OS off linux in a more elegant way (by end 2005?). Another possibility is to wait for the TT FIX client package for linux they have announced. It is not clear to me wether they will have data feed on it as well. If TT is not going to drag its feet, I think this is the way I might go, perhaps in parallel wih IB.

    You know, a lot of work is involved to get another solution running. So I am very much hoping to see one of the above evolutions occur quickly.

    IB should do well to get rid of the Java thing, or at least make a parallel solution EASILY available (based on FIX?) without Java. They kind of have something like this but it's pretty much hidden away as compared to the accessability of the TWS info. For linux on client side there is quickfix available which seems to be nice. I dunno if it's easy to run against some IB or TT FIX client. In one way that would seem nice to easily switch between IB and TT.

    Other players as well like redsky but they are pretty limited to M$ also with FIX clients without datafeed!

    This kind of sums it up. Please, post any criticism or other helpful information. I'm looking around myself. One thing I know is not to count on a monopolist's OSses for the coming years. I can handle everything better without. That's why I am 100% linux.
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    Thx a lot for your answer.

    Browsing through IB discussion board, I found out that there is a new interface being tested - IBGateway , albeit java and client based, enabling fix protocol without leased line, and (hopefully) decoupling order routing from tws (and market data).

    Take care.
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  10. Yeah. They are not very forthcoming about this though. You got to pull it out of them. I didn't even realize that it was again Java based. Not very smart to bank on Java, owned by another "very weak" monopolist. IB seems to be the only e-broker with this java hangup (the dog being wagged by its tail?). The "open" attribute for Java is very questionable going by the newsgroups. Further it is a very backward inefficient technology impossible to massage into something better.
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