IB Problems?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by laocoon, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. laocoon


    IB is lagging eSignal datafeed this morning...and the market data field has my favourite colour...ORANGE...

    What the hell is going on again with IB??
  2. Had yesterday during the Globex hours for 5 minutes the red color. Was going to log a fault but by that time it had come right. Being longer term traders we are not too worried about it.

  3. laocoon


    For Scalpers it's hell....

    C'mon IB, stop messing with your platform, it used to be great, now it's freaking unreliable....
  4. laocoon


    0923 CET, still lagging.....
  5. Precision (timing accuracy) of their tick stream, I dunno. Do others observe lagging? Which symbols?

    Had an out problem yesterday at 15:45 EST for about 20 secs. On August 22 at 12:33 EST for 17+ mins.
  6. laocoon


    now the data disappeared altogether....
    (Trading DAX & ESTXX futures)
  7. Got data on DAX, ESTX50 and SMI. Accuracy, dunno. At first glance, ESTX50 appears to be funny.
  8. laocoon


    I'm constantly comparing the IB & eSignal feeds, IB is totally out of sync this morning....(lagging eSig by a few seconds)
  9. laocoon


    Aaahhhhh, now the market data field is RED....

    IB - I'm lovin'it.....
  10. Holmes


    GLOBEX / IDEALPRO / NYMEX(?) (Crude Light Oil) are OK, no problems here.

    #10     Aug 30, 2005