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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by shovel53, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. shovel53


    Thanks for all the great response to my post. Good advice!
    Maybe I can get my help here. I used to feel great about
    IB. Lately I have been experiencing a big slowdown on fills.
    I can go up 3 trades , and then as I am getting ready to quit
    for the day I can almost feel it! no problem getting filled on the entry,(Market order), but I try to exit(close position) and no fill.
    green light, but nothing. price is not shooting, it's walking away
    all the way back down. by the time I cancel, and reenter ,trades shot. I talked to another trader that said he had the same trouble with market orders with IB. I trade the mini Dow.
    Does any one here trade the Mini Dow $5, and use market orders?
    Does any one here have that problem? Do I need to defrag my computer every night? Is my processer too slow?700 mhz. Does IB have too many people pulling the trigger? Do I need to be using limit orders? Do I need to adjust TWS? Why Would It happen 1 out of 3 trades Why would I feel it when it is about to happen?Why would some traders say they experience it ,and others not?Could it be Java etc?Has anyone had the problem, Transfered they're account ,and were happier elsewhere? Could
    it be the exchange, or just the $5 Dow, is the problem? Who
    would not worry about it and continue?Why does it not seem like a problem to IB? Should I uninstall Tws, and reinstall? should I
    use the browser based TWS? Should I hit the sell key, instead
    of close position, if Im long? or use stop orders?Can anyone think
    of anything else to ask ? Does every one believe in God? thanks