IB-problems in Europe

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by kalinka, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. kalinka


    My workstation doesn´t show anything for the ES,second
    time today. I have two different broadbandconnections,
    unable to get workstation to work.
    E-signal works perfect.
    A traderfriend called me with the same problen, he
    has a third different broadbandconnection.
    Anyone with the same problem?
    So far no bulletin from IB.
    Now it is back after appr 10 minutes.
  2. lost ib here too last 15 min of day. not good.
  3. Here in the US ZB, ZN, ZF down for about 5 min, ES, NQ, for less than 1 min. Feed was very slow after everything came back on.

    Never got logged out though.

    My FA account on a different computer had no problems:confused:
  4. Because apparently it was connected to a different server. I once had quotes stuck in one of my accounts, but all was OK in another. That is only one more evidence that the problems are not related to the Internet connection as some dumb on this board would like you to believe, but that they are server related and so IB is to blame and not some elusive 'Internet connection'.
  5. Pabst


    That was my exact experiance with IB. I had 2 accounts that I traded, 2 TWS's open simultaniously. Same versions, same computer, same ISP, same Java configuration. One acct had quotes fucked up daily, the other account was by and large flawless. The run around and the losses got old real quick.
  6. maxpi


    Maybe esignal could buy IB, fix up the technical problems and compete with Tradestation eventually??
  7. cvds16


    you are making a joke, not ?:confused:
  8. Hi All,

    I just happened to watch the market depth for both the DAX Dec03 and the Mar04 contracts, one next to the other as displayed on TWS.

    I was very surprised to find that the top bid and ask levels mostly display identical size figures. (Ask ALWAYS identical, Bid MOSTLY identical).
    The deeper levels become different as expected. Did anybody notice the same? This smells fishy!

    A quick watch at ESTX50 showed the same funny phenomenon.

  9. BKuerbs


    There is nothing funny or fishy about it: these are roll-over trades, people wanting to get out of the Dec contract into the Mar 04 contract. You will see this in all Eurex contracts every 3 months.

    Look up the Eurex pages for "Time Spreads" or "Calender Spreads"


    Bernd Kuerbs
  10. Bernd,

    Your explanation doesn't hold water. Please read the pertaining Eurex page and come back to explain why this should lead to equality of Bid figures and equality of Ask figures in the top levels of the Dec03 and Mar04 contract. You could eventually argue that the Bid in one contract should equal the Ask in the other which is far from what I observed and reported.

    Bernd, you obviously erred with your quickie.

    #10     Dec 11, 2003