IB problem changing order price???

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by ktm, Oct 5, 2001.

  1. ktm


    This may have been addressed a while back, but I couldn't find anything about it in the brief search that I did.

    For about the past 3-4 weeks, when I try to change an order from one price to another, the order turns from green to light blue, then freezes. This happens with about 70% of my orders. I have to cancel the entire order and resubmit it. I called IB, they said they had never had a customer complain about this and didn't know of any problems like this and suggested I upgrade to build 722a, released 10/4/01. I did that and the problem is still occurring. It happens on both the NYSE and NASD on any routing method.

    I just sat with "Amy" from IB as she watched me move these trades with their newest version. I took an existing live order and moved it down .10 to become the inside ask, the NYSE posted me as the inside Ask but IB's order stayed light blue. Amy claimed that it was not me on the inside "because there are hundreds of thousands of e-traders out there". So I cancelled the order and watched the Ask lift, then re-entered and watched it immediately go green with my order again. She couldn't explain any of it but offered "to pass it on".

    Is anyone else having this problem?

  2. zorak


    Yep, I've had the same problem for a couple weeks now. Very annoying.

  3. fleance


    Yes, I have the same problem with latest build 722e. I had noticed this problem awhile ago, but didn't pursue it. I would just cancel the order and reenter it.

    I tired some of my own experiments and found the same problem. I used BEST_ECN limit on a nasdaq stock (SUNW). Transmitting the order initially is superfast, but when I change the price and retransmit it sits on BLUE state. While that order is stuck, if I enter a new SUNW order it immediately changes to GREEN.

    If I cancel the stuck BLUE order, it immediately goes RED.

    I think the problem might just be the GUI is not changing the BLUE to GREEN color.

  4. ktm


    Those are the exact same issues I'm having and about the same time frame. For some reason, I don't think the IB rep took me seriously today.

    Aside from having to re-enter the order, the biggest problem is that the order is usually live according to my L II. I'm curious as to what the IB interface would do if the order was filled. Amy told me that my NYSE order was "unconfirmed" by the Exchange the entire time. That is what the IB system is seeing and that's why we're staying light blue, even though the exchange may have accepted and posted the order.

    I must say I do like the new P&L fields and other enhancements...but I wish they hadn't broken the other function.
  5. Eldredge


    I had this problem off and on today too. It also took quite a few of my executions 30 seconds or more to post to the position column and the account window.
  6. def

    def Sponsor

    sounds like the order is being changed and the color is not. I'll pass this along. I'll also pass this thread to the head of the help desk. An audit trail should have shown the order being modified.
  7. Saw the same thing today , though it was not consistent. My guess is thats its cosmetic, since the orders are going live. Better have them look at it to make sure.
  8. def

    def Sponsor

    got word from programming this AM that it is now fixed. if you still have the problem after downloading the next release, please let me know.
  9. ktm


    As always...THANKS DEF!!!!!

    I have changed a few orders today and it's as fast as ever...no hanging when re-transmitting. If I have any more probs with it, I will get the newer version.

    Thanks again Def!!!!