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    I opened a account with IB, through a Ltd, hence I only have access to professionnal market data subscriptions, and it seems getting what i have for free (actually 30trades per quarter) with Etrade PowerEtrade would cost over 200usd/month.

    I'm not trading too often and planning to trade even less, particulary on the US market, so am not keen on spending too much on market data. At the moment I use the market data from Etrade but this quarter will probably do less than 30trades with them, plus I'm not keen on spreading my stock invested cash through too many accounts and would rather close the Etrade account.

    Hence what is the minimum market data to subscribe to, to get real time market data on all US stocks and ETFS and at least the ECN level II ?

    Besides what other services like Stockvision could you recommend to get live market data ?

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    Anyone trading with IB through a LLC or LTD has some feedback on the topic ? Do you pay the 320 to 400up a month needed to subscribe to Amex level1,Nq total view, Arca book, nyse professional and a basic news feed or do you use an alternative data source ?
  3. Not sure this works in the UK ... but you can open a financial advisor acct and then have the entity as a sub-acct. Since the actual financial advisor is not an entity you pay non pro fees. The fees are paid based on the advisor not the sub accts.
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    Thanks for the tip ! I will check this out this week end
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    After cheking a bit, I doubt this option is viable - in my case at least.

    What website could I join to get all the necessary market data and some news ?
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    For those interested, double checked with Etrade and their fee structure has slighly changed - for the cheaper, and there is no longer need to keep 50k up in one's Etrade account to avoid some extra fees- Will probably keep some money with them and source there US real time data.
  7. Per IB they charge based on the advisor not the accounts. Not sure what you would be seeing that says otherwise. For confirmation you can call their Pro Services department (not their main CSR group know little about pro services).

    See this thread:


    Search for this text from an IB rep:
    Market date pro/non-pro fees are dependent on the status of the Advisor - not the seperately managed accounts traded by the advisor.

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    HI sideshowbob... Are you actually doing this... I just received a reply from IB asking the same thing and the rep said that once I put an llc under the master account the master account will get labeled as a pro account and get charged pro fees...

    I know this doesnt make any sense and many ib reps have no idea what their talking about so if anyone here trading with IB with a friends and family account setup like this can weigh in I'd really appreciate it...'

  9. Yes I am doing this. Talk to a pro services rep not a standard rep.
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    ThanksBOB, thats what I thought...

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