IB possible problem tonight

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by SethArb, May 8, 2008.

  1. guess I will take a look at everything
    after the US reset

    as this info is wrong in an acct I have with them

    -No equity information exists at this time -

    -No Positions Exist at This Time -

    glad I am mostly hedged

  2. Yeah, having problems closing out a position. Nothing is going through at the moment. I just get a light blue status color when entering a market order to close a position. Wait time on the phone is greater than 10 minutes. WTF IB?

    edit: Bulletin says there is some problem with their credit system. Everything is hosed up. This is why I opened a backup account with OEC!
  3. Yep, problems here too (US).

    Account page won't open. Did a lot of automated trades today. Wonder how much money I have?

    Guess I'll find out sometime! :confused:

    Gotta luv IB. They are never boring! :p
  4. gwac


    Probably another upgrade that was well tested.... lol

  5. bxptone


    Wow. How sad are these guys.
  6. bxptone


    Getting slaughtered in a Forex postion now, thanks ASSHOLES.
  7. gwac


    It happens way too often. My other broker has been down once in the nine years I have used it and that was for an hour.

  8. dstod


    This is ridiculous. I'm short 2 CL contracts overnight and can't even put a damn stop in.. I gotta call Hong Kong just to put the order thru. These MOFOs suck.
  9. bxptone


    Back up for me! CONVIENTLY (sp) now that I can close out my losing position! Was down for don't know how long? 30 min. an hour


    Done trading for the night, because here's where I'm pissed the F off and start make dumb trades.
  10. gwac


    Just a suggestion try the web login, this has worked other times that the workstation has been down.

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