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  1. This is a good security feature in my opinion. I would like to see if I can select specific permissions on different instruments (eg disallow any transaction of penny or small-cap stocks lower than $5). People who think security should vote on this one.

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    How would this work when you're traveling or just out of the office in a public place? Doesn't seem like this would work well at all. There are other security features that seem to work fine.
  3. (see the attached documents for a complete version with images and more details)

    ID: (unknown)
    TWS offers a function called "num ticks" in the hotkeys of "increase/decrease price or size" (see graph below). This offset amount is based on tick size.

    Except this, none of them offers setting offset in terms of "num ticks". I would like this option to be available for the rest of them, including setting order types, price targets, stop calculations and so on.
    Currently I can only enter the (absolute) amount.

    It would be great if the function of "num tick" can be copied to all other order types and instructions. Tick size is better than (absolute) amount because:
    1) It can apply to different instruments of different tick sizes
    Let's say I would like to place my buy order slightly below the bid price for every instrument.
    If "num ticks" is available, I can simply set the order price equal to "bid price - 1 tick", and it can apply to every instrument. That's it!
    If only "amount" is available, I need to set different parameters to different instrument, each by each which is inconvenient, due to difference tick sizes. The problem becomes more significant in hotkey assignment. I need to assign different hotkeys to different instruments. Remembering different hotkeys for just the same function is hard and inefficient, not to say it will use up many hotkeys (combinations) and will be prone to more human mistakes.
  4. If you have a fixed location, it will work very fine.

    If you are traveling, say, within the USA; I think you may add a variable IP which allow any connection within USA. This is not the safest, but at least you reduce the possibilities of a hacker from other countries to hack into your TWs or steal your money.

    But I don't think it is secure to log in in a public place.

    IB may let customers to choose between whitelist and blacklist approach.
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    ID: 1027
    Add functionality: "reverse" positions. Assign hotkeys and buttons for this function too in TWS main, booktrader, chart-trader and so on.

    This looks great! :D
    Search for the ID number and vote for it!

    ID: 1095
    This one is about chart caching and loading performance. The suggestion is great but I don't use IB charts after all.

    IB charts (official) is too limited! Use others!

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  6. yeah, wonder how difficult it can be for ib to cache those charts; that would save a lot of time and improve tws performance big time. i hope ib not only takes this into consideration but treats it as a priority
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    ID: 1135
    Booktrader: Please distinguish different order types placed in the order book by: ...1) different colours. Currently only stop (market) orders are shown in red. All others are blue. It's hard to manage if I have multiple orders. It would be best if the colours are configurable. ...2) options to show texts. Like it allows to show texts for status color. The same should holds true for order colour. Show texts like STP, LMT in the colour label. ...3) create a "notes" section for Booktrader, like what is available in TWS main trading window. I need to drop down notes to distinguish orders and write down strategy notes.

    Why does IB assign blue color to most orders?
    Is IB addicted to "blue"? :p

    ID: 1133
    Allow options to receive free delayed market data in real account. Currently delayed market data is only available in demo account . Even demo account (used by *non-customers*) can receive delayed market data worldwide. Why not for IB valuable customers? What a joke! The reason is not being cheap and trade with delayed data, but we can: 1) practice futures trading 24-hours at any time;... 2) experience all markets worldwide, watch charts, setup and run tests in new markets before trading real;... 3) familarise with trading features in booktrader, charttrader etc. in different markets;... 4) Some features can only be tried/tested in limited markets (eg Optiontrader, market scanner)

    Good idea! Apart from delayed data, I would like to add a data generator or feature tester. I can generate fake market data to test operations, strategies and features.

    Sometimes I have to wait long for a market to generate the proper data to do my test. :(

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    ID: 1102
    Allow stop, stop/limit orders or Alerts for Options and Futures Combos.

    I think the alert function in TWS is a lot to be desired.
    Does anyone know if there is any advanced alert system available which can set more advanced alerts and can work with IB?

    ID: 1153
    Implement proper time stamped ticks (http://www.dacharts.com/faq/Ensign_updt_tick_bar_diff.htm).

    There's a conversation about 'Howard on Tick Bar Differences Between Feeds'. Interesting! :)

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    How about on TWS book trader and L2 trader, IB would add a box in the quote panel with the average cost of your position next to the position size? I know it's in the portfolio window, but hard to keep flipping back to that in a fast market.

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    Well I see this feature is on the live TWS, but was not on the demo. Ignore the post.
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