IB - PLEASE stop those new "features"

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  1. First, I really love IB (however, the backend...) because they allow me to do retail what I was forced to do at a firm / local years ago.
    When you count everything together, the Universal Account, their offering of many markets and the commish, they are the best overall broker -
    except for the software.

    I will criticize IB only when I feel it is really neccessary, but this important to me:

    My plea is: Please, Please IB, stop the "Bells and Whistles".

    This week I had the pleasure to upgrade to the latest TWS build.
    (I am one of the guys who stick to their old & running TWS version for months)

    When I first ran it - it didn't. Unlike it's predecessors it seems to need access to port 80, which I block on my firewall (for reasons).
    After I enabled port 80 I found out it needs the http port to download, load + open a 9 megabyte manual .jar archive.
    Nice, but I certainly will never need this thing.

    Instead of running now - It crashed (TWS window just hang / didn't repaint for minutes).
    Killed the process, restarted it - crashed again.
    Repeat, now it came up, finally.

    After trying some of the new features & bringing up some charts just to have a look at the program, I noticed the java hog slooooows down.

    Please look at this excerpt of my win task manager:

    Notice, the host machine is a fast Athlon64 with 3 gigs RAM.
    After tampering around for 10 mins I have a CPU time of 6.5 mins.
    Opening a new window in TWS often hangs the program
    for 10-20 secs.
    I think more of this stuff is not bearable.
    My conclusion is, while IB seems to have really good programmers for the backend, they _have_ to change their development policy for the frontend.

    Please re-focus on your active customers. Did they need an integrated manual or Google RSS feed in the past years ? I guess, NO...

    The only guys needing this sort of features are prolly those buying 85 shs of CSCO, later yelling at the customer service because their trail-o-stop triggered 15 seconds late costing them serious money

    Not to be misunderstood - I love it when IB adds useful features,
    like the vola-market scanner, the option trader or interesting new API functions.
  2. What would happen if they tested beta versions on the simulator FIRST!
  3. After reading about the incredible level of problems the last 2 weeks...
    I will never install an IB upgrade without trepidation...
    And I will continue to run older versions for weeks or months.

    Essentially... they are pressuring traders to install Beta versions of software.
    Is IB that isolated from the software world?

    Standard practice is certain hardcore users Beta test new versions...
    While everybody else runs older "stable" versions.

    Also... standard practice since the early 90s...
    Is that power users "custom install" only the modules that pertain to them...
    Instead of running a bloated beast.

    Oh-oh... here come the apologists from IB...
    To tell us that we don't have a clue... and to stop "griping".


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  4. IB is a great company...their customer service and programmers will destroy it...

    Now some say that the customer service has improved greatly and I will actually be opening up an account at IB, regardless of all of the weaknesses, because they are the best game in town when it comes to commish on options and a free API.

    I will open an account If they will have me, I mean :) They do have the right to refuse to do business with anyone they choose...

    Michael B.
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    Only 100 share traders are forbidden to gripe.:D
  6. IBsoft

    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    We ARE focusing on the active customers. However, there are a lot of traders out there who are still going through the learning curve and ask for the features you don't need.

    A while ago we have implemented the feature selector. It allows you to chose and activate the features YOU use. Further, if you activate something in error and don't use it, the feature selector will ask you whether you want to de-activate it.
  7. IBsoft

    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    No one is pressuring you to do anything. You can run the stand-alone version of the TWS and then you upgrade when you chose to.
  8. Couldn't agree more. It's a simple matter to run feature selector. IBsoft: will IB be offering NYMEX pit futures and options soon?
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    What do you mean by the 'stand alone' version? Where does a person download this?

    I only use TWS for order entry basically. I would like to run the least complex, least intensive version.

    Thanks in advance for replies.
  10. ja, cuz of cpu problems i am runnin' da 854 version now and have zero problemo.
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