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  1. For order defaults (menu Configure / Order / Order defaults), I want to be able to define the default order offset amounts for stops in terms of ticks (similar to the options for Precautionary Settings). This same request also applies to the configuration of Hotkeys and Buttons in BookTrader. Having stop loss and target limit orders automatically attached is great, but it's not possible to set up a single Hotkey or Button that is applicable to a range of futures products if the offsets are defined in terms of the price value. A default offset of 1 is equally useless on Euro futures and the mini-Dow; however, a default offset defined in terms of ticks could be applied to many products.

    For BookTrader Hotkeys and Buttons, allow the stop trigger method (i.e., Last, Double Bid/Ask, etc.) to be specified along with the stop type and offset. I would prefer to use different trigger methods for entries and exits, but currently it's not practicable to specify a stop trigger method different than my default for speedy trading using BookTrader (I understand I can specify a different trigger method on an order ticket, but that's not speedy).

    I would like to be able to have more than one row of buttons in BookTrader. Also, it would be great to have the option of the buttons appearing below the price ladder instead of above it.

    NinjaTrader has a great button on its DOM called Flatten. This button closes all open orders and positions (unfortunately in NinjaTrader it flattens absolutely all orders and positions, not just for the product open in the current DOM window). This would be very helpful when trading advisor accounts where partial fills can leave you scrambling to figure out which client accounts still have a position. As noted with the NinjaTrader example, it should only flatten orders and positions for the product in the current BookTrader window. As far as I can see, none of the existing buttons, even the new ones in 865, can deal with closing out in a single click open positions which are out of step with the current allocation profile.

    The limit of 3 concurrent BookTrader windows is a nuisance (3 with market depth, that is). Simply allowing more concurrent BookTrader windows would be an improvement, but even better would be the ability to quickly change symbols with a drop down box that listed symbols you have in your portfolio. Currently, it's not speedy to change a futures symbol in a BookTrader window (pick the expiration, pick the exchange). Since the symbol list is coming from your portfolio it would already have the expiration/exchange definition you want (BookTrader would need to display more than the root symbol of course).

    TWS and BookTrader are great tools, and making these suggested improvements would make them even better. Thank you for your consideration.

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    I believe these are in the works right now.

    The rest of your ideas are really great, I especially like the "Flatten" one.

    Would you please break down your suggestions and submit them via our features poll so we can priorities them appropriately.

    BTW, starting TWS 868 BookTrader will have special "advance" mode which you might like.
  3. I will do that. Thanks for the prompt reply.

  4. This is long overdue.