IB - Please fix ZB futures quoting

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by erlewine, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. ZB is being quoted in reduced fractions since the full tick change on Sunday

  2. You may have to re-start TWS. Mine is showing the fractions.
  3. I meant as in the reduced fractions are annoying to look at, the conventional quoting should be:


  4. sorry, I see what you meant now...before I re-started TWS ZB was using 121'01 and after I restarted it started using fractions. I thought the quote format change was related to the tick change.
  5. MarkB


    Yup, it's doing that to me too. I don't mind if the /32 is stuck on there - but it's reducing the fractions. 120 15/16 bid, 120 31/32 ask. Um no, it should stick with the 32nds.

    Looking forward to an answer on this.
  6. bunkinc


    mine is doing the reduced fractions too... and I hope they put it back to '01 format.

    but this is what it was doing yesterday before I reset:

  7. moo


    Agree. Back to the 32s, please!