IB Pinks Out

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by OldTrader, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. IB pinks out just before 2:30 CST. I closed out of TWS. Now unable to sign back in. Anyone else?

  2. balda


    no problem

    in So. Cal
  3. On 1 TWS here it did NOT pink out, however, the quotes DID freeze for several minutes costing me some $dough.

    bis/ask/last were all frozen. I didn't enter any orders while that was happening.
  4. flea


    Had same problem:mad: Just got back in

  5. OK, just got back in. That was no fun.

  6. Seems like the only person in America with a TWS issue is starting another bash IB thread. :p
  7. Hmmm. Something is screwed up with their system. All stocks all of a sudden for 10 seconds showed no shorts available. Now back to normal.
  8. Div_Arb


    Im on webtrader today and no problems whatsoever.
  9. :D Funny.

  10. lejmorro


    This isnt to bash IB but I'm wondering if anyone else experienced my problem on the afternoon of Friday 14th March

    i.e. when I requested a bid/ask quote for any combo in Option Trader, all the bid/asks were put up for the individual legs but there was no summary quote for the combo as a whole like there usually is.
    #10     Mar 16, 2008