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    a lot of you guys trade 100 times a day, ib and pd dont compare to Legend I was just wondering why no one has ever mentioned them on these boards, I came across their website, and their commissions are by far the best I have seen, plus they sweep your acct when inactive to put in mm funds so youre always making money, I was just wondering if anyone has used them them seem to be the perfect fit for active traders, and I am not associated with them, just wondering if anyone uses them. 1 cent a share plus ecn fees, and their option rates are lower than ib and 100 dollar initial deposit. that is the lowest I have seen. just wondering if anyone uses them heres the link www.legendsecurities.net thanks
  2. 1 cent a share PLUS ECN FEES. Alot of these brokerage firms are just plain scary. Almost no disclosure of who or what they are on the websites.
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    I was just posting because everyone was making a big deal with trads 1.2 cent fees. also, dont you have to pay ecn fees, if you use an ecn, this doesnt go to the broker does it? it goes to the ecn, i thought all brokers charge ecn fees. plus the option commissions looked good thanks
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    This is simply not true,

    IB option commissions are $1/contract or less, while legends option commissions are minimum $9.95 i.e. 45% up to 895% higher! ($20 per trade + 1.50 per contract for online investors or $1.45 per contract with $9.95 minimum) than IB option commissions.

    IBs other commissions are also far superior: stocks (half a cent/share + half cent/share for the first 500 shares of the order, no ECN fees) , futures($2.40/contract) and SSF($1/contract).

    cartm, Get your facts straight, prior to posting misleading statements.

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    Are they even direct access? Hard to tell from their website.
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    lol first of all if my facts were straight, they would not be misleading. second, I was not advertising these guys, just asking if anyone used them. third, I could care less who u guys use to scalp with I was just offering another alternative that has not to my knowledge been mentioned. fourth, they have a full service desk with reits cmos and a bunch of other stuff that is not usually found with these types of brokers so I wanted to post an alternative because although u might be happy trading 1000 times a day with ib, some are not, I think their platform had some tech problems recently. fifth, I should not have mentioned ib in the post. jeez, u guys need some anger management or something.
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    cart -

    thanks for the info (see - some of us don't need anger management!)

    Geez, you're right - try to post something and you get your head taken off!
  8. For a guy who " came across their website" you sure seem to know alot about them. No problem pointing out alternatives. But state the real facts.
  9. Are they direct access ?

    If they charge ECN fees - i would say so !
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    this is not a constructive discussion. if you want to check them out go ahead, if not, I dont care. if I was going to pump a broker it would be tn. imo they offer the most for every type of trader rt is the best platform out there imo. suggesting that I know a lot about them is funny considering I didnt get their commissions right. I posted only because people have told me they were unhappy with some of the discount brokers, some dont like rt, so I figured I would post it since I have not heard of them before, and I wanted others opinions.
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