IB password card prevents auto login ?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by joesan, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. joesan


    Recently I got password card from IB, which I think is a good method for protecting client's account. But I have one problem now : I used to use a program called "IBController" to auto login to TWS, but with this new plastic card, it seems impossible to auto login any more .

    Does anyone expereince the same and have a solution for this ?
  2. Yes it works this way.

    I have a question:

    How / when do I have to opt out if I do not want the STP device ?

    I am with IB LLC, as non-US (foreign) customer. Account open > 5 years.

    Also, I don't want IB to send me a device automatically.
  3. WD40


    Once you are in, you cannot opt-out.
  4. macaw


    I want to opt out. They sent this thing to my home address and I won't be back there for weeks. I rang IB and got a temporary code but it only lasts me for a week.

    Can anyone tell me, do you need this device every single time you log in?
  5. Yes you need it everytime. If you want to circumvent it I will tell u how.Its so easy--all my friends in Nigeria are doing it. Just send my your account number and your temp card and I will fix it so u don't ever have to worry about logging in again!!


    Mr. Richard Montelbaum Esquire lll
  6. macaw


    Thanks for your generous help! If you give me your account and password I'll deposit a million dollars to show my gratitude
  7. joesan


    Seriously, so it means auto login is impossible with this hardware encription introduced ?
  8. sprstpd


    Yes. You have to opt out of the program.
  9. Maybe anyone can address my question in post #2 on the first page ?

    When will IB start to enroll for all existing customers AND HOW CAN I OPT OUT then ? There are no hints given and I do not see such a point in the Acct Management
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