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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Wayne Gibbous, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Got this plastic card in the mail today. Has a bunch of "index" numbers that are keyed to 3-digit codes.

    Sez in the letter to go to your account and activate under the User Management link. Wasn't there. I was puzzled anyway, because I already use the token device.

    Then I remembered my IRA account. I never got a device for that. So now, I guess, I will have to type in the codes from the card. Beats having to use the token, I suppose. Don't access that account much.

    Good trading to all. :cool:
  2. nonam


    I thought I was going to be able to operate both my margin account and my IRA with the one token device.:confused:
  3. teun


    I also received the passcode card.

    I assume the $150 fine when not returning when closing an account does only apply to the electronic devices and not the cards?
  4. Koppanyi


    I haven't received Passcode Card but earlier an email was sent by IB to activate them. I thought no card, no activating.
    So, today afternoon I couldn't login to TWS and account management either. I wrote IB about it. After a while an automatic response was received from IB, and wrote that my email was transferred to CIMS and the answer will be on the CIMS' interface inside acc. management.

    It's a joke.
  5. John - IB

    John - IB

    You are correct the $150 fee only applies to gold/platinum devices when they are not returned after account closure.

    Passcode cards can simply be destroyed.

  6. Koppanyi



    Thank you for your answer. My e-mail was sent.


  7. BushBaby



    You are lucky to be based in the USA.

    I am in europe, and the card is expected to take 28 days to arrive, yet .. some 15 days into the emails, saying I have to activate a card (I cant have yet received), my account is now
    unable to be accessed.

    This is such poor customer 'service', that it belies belief. I have so far sent 4 emails, and called the 'help' desk twice, only to be fobbed off by either incompetant or clueless repondees.

    Security is fine, but, in the midst of a very velotile market, I am now denied access, and will have to try and contact the 'help' desk again tomorrow, for another battle.

    This has left a very bad taste, and as soon as my current contracts expire, will think clearly about finding another broker.
  8. That sucks.

    I have a buddy who never get the card and its afraid of losing tws login in this day of wild markets.

    I think IB find a major glith on their system and they freak out huge, switching all their customer to SD in an irrational hurry.

    Otherwise, it makes nosense the way they're handling this.