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  1. does anyone use sierra charts combined with ib papertrader data feed? i wanted to add a second pc only for order execution, but that means i won´t be able to use ib data for my sierra charting anymore. i was wondering if i could just as well use ib papertrader data as feed for my sierra charts, is papertrader data 100 % identical and as reliable as data provided by a regular ib account?
  2. You can use Sierra Chart on a different PC to the one that has TWS on it. Have a look at the documentation on the sc site or raise the question at the SC forum.
  3. thanks, kiwi...
  4. I run both, real TWS and simulated on two computers. Data is not the same.
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    I have heard that you can have two logins for the same account. You would have to pay the $10/month minimum unless you trade via both logins. Contact IB for details.
  6. I use IB for real account and also for a paper account. I also use Sierra Charts for both with IB data feed. No problems other than the ones I cause.