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  1. I'm in the process of training an assistant...

    Can anyone tell me if IB's paper trading account can be used on 1 pc while the "real" account works on a different pc?

    If the paper trade account is being used can the real account be used as well, or only 1 or the other open?

  2. Yes but you have to have the paper account set up. The paper account has a different user name.
  3. But no "challenge key" generator right?

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  5. Thanks guys!
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    for starter, you can use the tws demo system

    it is days old data... but everything works just like the real thing, and you don't even need to register or open an account.
  7. Yes, I've tried the demo a while back but my idea here was to have this new person do trades in a "real" situation and see what sort of P/L he can produce. With old data, the demo platform would not accomplish that task.