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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by EqtTrader, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. EqtTrader


    Could anyone tell me how to get rid of the big SIMULATED TRADING note through TWS in an IB paper trading account. It's irritating when you read the quotes! It's in any window in TWS!

    Could anyone help me out! Thanks!

  2. EqtTrader


  3. Bob111


    if this can make you nervous-you shouldn’t be trading

    i'm using paper account every day and this thing doesn’t bother me at all.
    make font size bigger, if you having problem see quotes
  4. EqtTrader


    I've been a full time trader for 4 years and I'm doing very well. So don't tell me I shouldn't be trading.

    I'm trying a new strategy on the IB paper trader to check for errors before it goes live. It's just friggin' annoying to see Simulated Trading in every TWS window!

    I just wanna know if there's a possibility to get rid of it! That's all!
  5. xiaodre


    You could always log into your real account and paper trade on a simulator built into an IB front end, like bracket trader...

    The simulated trading account in IB with real trading in your front end is more accurate though...
  6. Bob111


    you can use DDE with excel and create basically you own front end.