IB Paper Trade Messed UP

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by oldtime, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. I took a nice profit in my real money account and tried to take the other side in my interactivebrokers paper account, but when I try to sell AUD/USD all I get is a message that "It will increase my FX margin" or some bullshit. I have closed, and even restarted computer, but same thing.

    No big deal. It's just play money, but I use my paper account to get jazzed up for putting real money on in my real account, so it is cramping my style.

    In the old days there were no paper accounts, so I guess I am getting a little new kid spoiled.

    After a good trade I like to use the paper as kind of a cool down and to see what would have happened if I had held on.

    At anyrate, the ib paper account does not work at the moment, and I know of no way to get it to work.
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    Probably stupid, but is it possible you need more money in your paper account to do the trade?
  3. no, I have plenty of money, but maybe I need more paper.

    This happened once before.

    I'm not much of a math guy or chart guy.

    When I'm flat I like to paper trade to get my head straight again.

    I've lost a lot of money trading, but I would have lost a lot less if they had invented paper accounts a little earlier.

    I'll check, I may just be out of paper. According to www.interactivebrokers my toner level is just fine.
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    Can't you arbitrarily fund your paper account with any amount of paper (money) from Account Management?
  5. like I said man, I got more than enough funny money in my account to fund the small little trades I usually put on

    but yes, I can reset my account anytime, requests before 4 est are usually processed next business day.

    I'm embarassed to say how many times I have had to do that, but then again I have some pretty bizarre trading ideas.

    No, at the moment all I'm trying to do is sell some AUD/USD in funny money since getting long was good for me in real life. (not to mention some short EUR/USD.)

    Well shit, now I'm just bragging.

    Talk to me sometime when I am in the depth of despair and you'll see just how cranky I can be.
  6. well, now I'm just getting shitty, these guys on the overnight chat room really crack me up. First of all, they can't speak English, and no matter what you ask them, all they know how to do is look it up in the book. I just try to have fun with them and mess them up, since I can't do anything else.

    Sometimes I ask them if they have any relatives in Pimplewadi, since I use to have a friend who lived there that made very good reed flutes, and I'm not talking about bamboo, I'm talking about reed.
  7. as far as I know, he was the sole supplier of reed flutes to the United States of America.

    Of course the United States demand of reed flutes is not very great.

    If you ever hear a truly great Indian flute player like G.S. Sachdev, you will appreciate how much a simple D reed flute can add to the quality of life.

    otherwise, this guy would sell a flute to you no matter who you were, and you never knew if you were going to get a good one or not. He just cranked them out and you got the next one for sale.

    But his good ones were the best in the world.

    So when www.interactivebrokers.com is not working at night, and the Indian people on the chat line don't have a clue what I'm talking about, I try to talk to them about Indian music and flutes made in Pimple Wadi, they don't get it, but it cracks me up.
  8. ok, it's 10:53 est, let's see how long it takes or how much patience I have to get this problem resolved. I already know there is nothing the guy on the chat line can do to fix it, the problem is with ib, but let's see how long it takes the guy in the chat room to figure that out
  9. oh shit, it's taking forever to load the chat room, and I already don't have the patience since it's just a funny money play money account. If it was my real money I would be pretty pissed.

    Maybe one of these days they'll get it together, I've got better things to do than wait.

    maybe after midnight everything will reset