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  1. Anyone else get paper quarterly statements from IB in the mail? I can't figure out why....I've never received them before.....
  2. By default, IB NEVER sends out any papers ?
  3. How about sending out paper quarterly notification to tell its client that the paper quarterly statements are available online?
  4. Why they don't send out electronic notifications to tell clients that no paper statements will be sent out ?
  5. This is funny..... (I meant you are funny! :) )

    Some clients may have accounts with IB and when some thing happen to them, it is possible that no one will even know such account exists......... They may feel uncomfortable.

    If IB can sent out quarter paper statement, this will solve the issues.

    However, for some accounts, if they were traded a lot, the quarter statement may have a lot of pages. Other option is to send out quarter paper notification but not the actual paper statement. Client shall pay extra for this extra service. Some may be willing to pay for.
  6. Years ago I asked IB to send paper statements (it was required for my job then if I had an account with a broker) and IB refused to send them out, even if I paid. Now they're randomly sending them out? WTF IB?
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    the guy above is correct. this has been an issue for years. if somebody died and he had no family or nobody knew his email it could be a disaster. i expect ib to face legal challanges to this practice in the future when a spouse finds out 5 years later her deceased husband had an ib account. maybe an ib rep can tell us if an account is inactive for aperiod of time will an email be sent out?
  8. So you believe (think) IB already randomly sends out paper statement?
    This is new to me.
    Hope some one in here will confirm this.
  9. Email may not be a good option.
    Paper mail is better.
  10. All I know is yesterday I received quarterly statements in via snail mail for two of my four accounts. No clue why. Assuming the other two accounts will come tomorrow.
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