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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Eldredge, Aug 17, 2001.

  1. Babak



    the port 80 probes are compliments of the CodeRed (I and II) worm.

    ZA's free version and its fee one are one and the same
    #11     Aug 18, 2001
  2. Eldredge


    I turned the zone-alarm off, and page changes were instant (this is great). When I turn it back on, the first two or three changes are instant, then it is back to 15 seconds until I turn it off again. Any suggestions?
    #12     Aug 19, 2001
  3. vitajex


    Eldredge, I wish I knew why this occurs.

    From the feedback by Babak and others, it seems
    ZoneAlarm works well with Win2K.

    I'm in the dark ages running Win98SE. I wonder if
    this problem is specific to Win98.

    #13     Aug 20, 2001
  4. Eldredge


    I don't understand this either, but I am running Windows me.
    #14     Aug 20, 2001
  5. Had running IB's JTWS on Win 98 and it runs now on Win98 SE on a PII 400Mhz / 256MB PC. Together with Qcharts or other RT Software.
    Never experienced the problems you have.
    Maybe it has something to do with your ISP ( Proxy )?


    #15     Aug 20, 2001
  6. Babak



    I'm not a tech guru but can say with confidence that ME is simply not a good platform for a serious trader. Get Win2K (even if this is not causing the conlict) you will be grateful when you avoid hundreds of blue screens, freezes, etc.

    I'm baffled why ZA would cause this page delay (?) maybe you can send them an e-mail describing everything in detail. They are very good with getting back to people with problems. Try them.
    #16     Aug 20, 2001