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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by WD40, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. WD40


    did IB changed the rules again?
    I received a pacing violation after 6 historical data requests!

    previously I only receive a violation if there are more than 60 requests in 5 minutes.

    I am using MultiCharts. Is it just my software? or other software are experiencing the same problem? or has your software solved the problem with a new update?
  2. fifo


    Same problem here. How did you figure out that the previous pacing violation conditions were 60/5min? Any documentation available.
    Currently I've bumped my delays up to 3 seconds between requests but this affects all requests short or long. Would be nice to know the exact params.

  3. The params change daily I think based on how the API dude is feeling (if he doesn't get laid the night before, all of us get a pacing violation).

    There were some posts on this on the IB bulletin board (API portion).
  4. fifo



    here is yahoo forum:

    [TWS API] Re: Historical data request pacing

    Let put an end to this Historical Pacing error. :)

    Spoke to IB about it, and initially I received the 60 requests per
    5 mins answer. I had to prove this wasn't the case, which I did.

    They then said:

    2007/01/11 11:39 mcap : I have received clarification regarding
    the true pacing parameters that have always been used by our
    historical data servers.

    The pacing parameters are 60 queries per 600 seconds or 10 minutes.

    The only change that has been made to this limit is that in the past
    our HMD servers would place any additional queries into a queue to be
    processed as soon as the service became available again. Now exceeding
    this pacing limit will result in all further HMD requests being
    rejected outright.

    So there you have it, make sure you don't have more than 60 requests
    in 10 mins. Also make sure you space your requests by a minimum of 1
    second (otherwise that triggers it off too).

    I've just tried spacing by enforcing 10 seconds delay between each
    request and it works! Now we need to get them to change to what
    they've been saying previously, i.e. 60 in 5.

  5. loxics


    If you have multiple charts that refreshes at the same time (same stock, different time frame), can you force it so that all charts linked to the same group refresh with at least 1 sec apart?

    It seems, the TWS will blackout the charts until i wait a bit.
  6. Eight


    barcharts.com is $1 per day, no hassles like with ib data...
  7. Bob111


    IQ feed is about 30-35$ for delayed data with subscription offers via third party(like QT). it's about $1 a day and no ridiculous limitations.
    IB should really stop this BS with hist.data,news and all this crap. leave it alone for companies,who specialize only on this.all we need from you is accurate realtime quotes and fast execution..
  8. Eight