IB outage in HK

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by gangof4, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. gangof4


    yet another IB outage with no communication to traders whatsoever. what is the point of having bulletins when they never use them and, in the rare instances they do, they put them out WAY too late.

    no HSI/HHI.HK trading/quotes/anything for 20 minutes- not a peep out of IB- no bulletins, nothing. you call IB in HK and they are clueless then, finally, after insisting that they look at it, they admit that they are having problems and that the technical people are looking into it.

    as i said in my review, IB is not ready for prime time for people who trade for a living. i have been desperately searching for another broker interested in taking my $5000-6000 in monthly commissions in the HK futures markets.

    if anyone has a reliable broker for the HK futures/ futures options markets with a good platform (ie: not TWS-ish) and reasonable rates, feel free to PM me...
  2. joesan


    oops, what a drastic drop !

    IB really sucks this time for HSI traders !
  3. Agree, this sucks....

    They could have easily written a monitoring application via API to check that the quotes from the various exchanges are flowing smoothly.

    IF quotes are "stuck"... emails or alerts could be send to support staffs immediately without having to wait for customers to call.

    IB, you need to improve.
  4. gangof4


    after i called and told them to use their fucking bulletin, NOW they just put one out- 41 minutes into the problem. pathetic. of course, they have no clue what is wrong and no clue if/when things will be back up.

    anyone else get the feeling when they talk to HK customer service that the people on the other end of the phone don't actually realize that it is REAL MONEY at stake?!? they respond to things as if you're telling them that your world of warcraft game is down. actually, to them, maybe THAT would actually make them give a shit.

    so much for working tonight...
  5. joesan


    I have overnight HSI positions and can not get out, and the market drop 700 points, what should I do now ?!
  6. gangof4


    call 011 852 2156 7907 (HK customer service). it will be very frustrating and take 10 minutes of talking to someone b4 they'll actually get around to inputting the order (prepare for 20 id questions)... but that's the only way right now.

    good luck.
  7. rcj


    HSI quotes working here.
  8. Hey G4...

    Choices are growing. You'll have to negotiate your own deal.

    Fimat(note: Fimat+Calyon have merged)
    Rand Financial.

    Good trading to ya
    Osorico :)
  9. joesan


    oops, just was able to get out with a 960 points profit

    I shorted last friday

    Still I have to say, I don't like surprise like this

    IB, do you homework better !
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