IB Osaka Exchange Outages

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  1. I've been trading N225m on Osaka for a while now. It used to be mostly fine, but since we have had the big drop at the end of FEB it is regularly offline right at the open for about 5 or so mins. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

    I tried to contact IB support via the chat about it today when it happened but it appears all their support is offline at that time of day, or at least it was today.

    Anyone else noticing this? The other N225m traders in a chatroom I'm in (about a dozen guys) are also experiencing the outage.

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  2. TSE market itself was definetly open per my TV last night but Jun topx contract was about 58 seconds late and I noticed the loading and matching where you can see the flashers on your screen was also delayed. Second time this week too - the other one was in Jun n225 on the night it sold off hard - and was also about a minute delay.
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    OSE has been down across many different brokers and channels recently on a handful of different occasions.

    OSE used to be a lot worse. I am not sure what the problem is there or whether they were worried about something specifically and kept it shut down. They have brand new software that seems to work well.

    email them directly and try to find out and copy and paste their exact reply here if you have a chance.
  4. I could email the OSE TGM, but surely my reliable broker IB knows what is going on.....

    I'll contact IB hotline later today, but sadly it will be after the problem, not during because the hotline seems to be closed when the problem is present.

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    There is hardly ever outage in Japan, at least in Tokyo. So it's hard to believe that they are constantly having short outage, and not been solved yet.

    Maybe they are doing it on purpose - don't know what for though.

    I heard that for some stock there is a limit as to how much stock can move per day. I think situations like there is too many sellers vs buyers; therefore the price won't settle for a while, etc. can happen a lot more there than the U.S...

    I suspect there is different type of manipulation there.
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    I am trading SGXNK, and I noticed OSE always have an issue with tradability. If you are trading the index, have a look at SGXNK listed at Singapore. Similar market behaviour.
  7. Hi Joesan,

    Yes, I do chart Nikkei on SGX. The problems I'm experiencing on OSE are new, like within the last 2 weeks. I didn't notice problems for all of Feb. Something is up either at IB end or the OSE end.

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    I do not trade OSE products but since I am in the similar time zone, I noticed in the past half year there are several occasions that my IB TWS poping up a bulletin advising OSE is not tradable at the moment. SNFE also has the same problem ( not tradable sometime ), but Singapore has never had this issue.

  9. I agree joesan, SGX doesn't seem to have problems often. Another benefit of SGX when trading through IB is the commissions are drastically lower. Like, way way lower. IB has a wonky commission structure with JPY currencies - especially if you are unbundled. However, I digress.

    I have not contacted IB hotline about it yet because it was fine today. I'll contact them if it happens again next week otherwise I'll assume it is sorted out.

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    not a perfect solution, as the SGX and HSI feeds were down for like 90 minutes earlier this week. thankfully i had just closed a position. it's messed up that IB is 'global' but has VERY limited customer service options for those who trade the Asian markets. given the volatility, i am looking for a better solution, as IB could wipe me out some day (even a modest position can do some serious damage when a market can move 400 points in an hour...).
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