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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by just21, Aug 5, 2003.

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    I was trying to hit the bid in the FTSE as the us markets came off after the figure and the order status went blue and stayed that way. I cancelled as the order as it wouldn't go red. ANybody else have this problem? I had this problem yesterday as well.
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    Yep, right at 10am when the ec numbers came out, all my orders wouldn't go through, got the error message "cannot value contract at this time". This usually means that one of the order servers was overwhelmed. Problem was solved a couple of minutes later, but still a big problem. First time I've seen that during the day.

    Any comments def? Seems like some of the statements here about IB growing too fast are true.
  3. hagenkb


    Same here.

    Was short YM right before news .... couldn't get out on spike.

    Tried limit orders WAY above ... tried market orders, etc.

    It either stayed blue ... or would finally come back with 'Can't value contract at this time'. I couldn't even get flat until things slowed down.

    Past 6 months of using IB on a baily basis has been about perfect, but today was totally unacceptable. Easily lost >$300 due directly to this issue.

    I've always hated the 'Can't value contract at this time issue' ... I think it needs to know the value for margin purposes???? At any rate, it shouldn't stop me from going flat no matter what the value.

    Very disappointed today with IB.
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    The orders froze up AGAIN right now at 10:38 est.
  5. IB just blinked. Since yesterday this is the fifth time it this has happened.
    It is still not on. Anyone has same problem in NJ?
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    me too .. again on this 9:36 drop. Seems as soon as volume gets high, IB is not taking orders (too bad that's the most important time for quick fills)
  7. I had the same problem. I was using BT2003 to adjust my protective stop order and as I changed my stop the order status stayed blue. And eventually it got green. So I thought I had my stop where I wanted and then NQ broke down and to my surprise my stop was hit!!! The stop in my TWS was about 10 points lower than where NQ made its minimum. So it looks like I got the green light after I changed my stop but the stop at Globex didn't get changed.

    I never had this problem before. I think IB is having very serious problems for the last couple of days.

  8. Oh, yes.
    Whenever the market gets fast, you are lost with IB, especially in the futures.
    I won't trade futures with IB anymore.
  9. And you never really know if Timber Hill is taking advantage of clients order information.

    My stops were hitten that often with IB in the futures that I can hardly think this just happened due to bad luck.
  10. You should get some facts straight. IB is not trading against the customer flow in futures. In futures, it is against the regulations to trade off the exchange (unlike stocks where that is OK).

    Futures orders can only be filled through the matching engines of the varioius exchanges or on the floor. For any broker to bucket an order and not post it to the floor or to the matching engine is a severe violation and is certainly not happening.

    You are taking a model of stock trading and incorrectly mapping it onto what you think is happening with futures.
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