IB: order ticket too big?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Option Trader, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. However, it does not provide the option of OCA group.

    What do you mean by the "middle of the screen"? Do you mean this very problem I mentioned of the bottom getting shaved off?
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  2. GTS


    You can add the OCA column to the main TWS screen (Menu Page -> Layout)

    I agree it is a problem (OCA being cutoff at the bottom of the order ticket window and not being available on the compact view of the same) when running at 1280 x 1024 (or lower resolutions)
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  3. Under "Order Columns"* we have made "OCA group" one of the selections (the word "Status" appears in bold right above it); yet it does not appear on the top of the TWS screen.

    *I.e. "Configure" then "Global Configuration" then "Order Column"
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  4. GTS


    Yes, the top line is the market line, the bottom column header is the order line. You can re-arrange the order to determine how they stack.

    Yes, I don't think think the rapid order entry area is configurable (if that's what you mean) but you can place an order directly from the main "grid"
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  5. DAV

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    When the order ticket in the compact view, OCA group can be found on the last tab - Misc.
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  6. GTS


    I must be blind - I don't see it, all I see on Order Ticket/Misc is these 4 sections:

    Hedge Delta
    Reference Price Type
    Stock Price Monitoring
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  7. Same here.
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  8. GTS


    I updated my standalone TWS to the latest (Build 862.9a) and I now see OCA on the Misc tab in compact view.
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  9. My mistake. Thank you, it solved the problem.
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