IB: order ticket too big?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Option Trader, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. It seems we are not able to place OCA orders on IB because the order ticket is too big or too big for my screen. Is there any way to reduce the size of the order tickets, or to access the bottom 10% of the order ticket?
  2. if u understood correctly and i am not sure at all...all u need to do is mouse click at the right bottom corner and move the arrow ro reduce the window's size. is that what u are tryin' to do, reduce the window's size?
  3. Trying to reduce the window size without losing anything in the order ticket--only it seems that reducing the window size deletes even more data from the order ticket.
  4. kk, u are in deep shite now, cant see no solutions. still why on earth u gotta use the order ticket...i know it may be a block trade but u still can send it trough the tws page.
  5. For OCA (one cancels all) orders--that's exactly where my order ticket gets cut off.

    Didn't seem possible to me to send this with TWS.
  6. MKultra


    Haven't used TWS in awhile, but your order ticket problem sounds familiar.

    When my order ticket was cut off, also at the bottom, I was able to view the rest of the order ticket by moving the location of the main TWS window. Upward in my case.

    When I brought the ticket up again I was able to see the whole thing. Worked every time until I moved the main TWS back where it was. Then, the same problem.

    Other possibilities? Change the screen resolution? If the order ticket window has a corresponding program box on your system toolbar, right click on the box and click on move. Then use your arrow keys to move it up?

    Might work, might not.
  7. WHen you say screen resolution, you mean to do with TWS or to do with my computer screen?
  8. MKultra


    Your computer screen. If windows;
    Control Panel>Display>Settings

    1280x1024 (or whatever)

    Higher screen resolution will give more screen real estate to work with. Possibly the complete order ticket may show up if you increase your resolution settings.

    In my case I had the TWS dragged down to bottom of the screen/monitor. About 3-4 inches of it showing. The rest of it was actually below the toolbar (and out of view)

    Because of the way I had the TWS aligned on my monitor was what caused the ticket to be cut off.

    Hopefully that makes sense to you.
  9. Okay, checked it out, and it was maximum screen resolution already. Thank you to both you and Bitstream for the input.
    I hope IB has a solution.
  10. dst

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    Option Trader,

    You can choose the "compact" view of the order ticket (located at the bottom right corner of the screen) - this will simply re-arrange the window into set of tabs; the issue with order ticket sometimes popping up in the middle of the screen we already resolved, it will be out with the next build.

    Please contact our tech support if you'll continue having problems with that window.
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