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  1. Better for the new broker. :p

    Fact is, the % of time IB has been down is quite small. Tiny.

    There are these annoying problems, but when you consider they handle stocks + commodities + foreign you can't expect perfection.

    PS, I'll leave room at the bottom for you all to enter in the names of the perfect brokers who never go down.

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  2. egusc


    IB is just about never down, i can't recall one time it was down in the last month.

    Sometime, during the first few minutes of trading or if there is a surge in volume, quotes will freeze for a few second, but orders seem to go thru fine during these episodes.
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  3. ddefina


    Anyone stuck in an IB position while the market crashes? I've almost had enough. Can't value contract only happens when the markets going against you. @#$@!#@!

    Can't imagine trading with more than a few contracts in futures, and losing 20K in a day.
    #23     Aug 1, 2002
  4. Banjo


    Happened to me yest. Couldn't put stop in. Didn't accept my order till high at eod of day. Was still waiting on phone. Mid 4 figure loss on that one . Really is a bunch of crap. They need to replace something
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  5. ron2368


    This cant value contract thing is getting to be a pain in the arse.

    Thats how its supposed to work( or not work) only happens when you desperately need to close out a trade.:mad:
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  6. www.interactivebrokers.com/discus/messages/452/1878.html?1028232490
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  7. ron2368


    I was putting in orders to buy for nyse and got this message. The orders would light up as smart but never show nyse, so its NOT exclusively a globex problem.
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  8. Must be serious problems if they even admit "connectivity problems". I wonder what´s really going on there. They had a specific timetable for migration to iLink FIX 4.2 and I wonder what IB is currently using to connect to Globex. And if there are problems with new connection type (iLink 4.2) or old connection type (FIX API 2.3). Any Info ?
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  9. ddefina


    Looks like IB is going to try and help out their (Globex traders I assume?) for the outage yesterday. Here is an email I received:

    Yesterday afternoon at 3:17PM ET your trading facility with IB was temporarily
    interrupted along with 460 other users. This interruption lasted between 2 minutes
    and for some as long as 30 minutes.
    We have traced the cause of this problem and took measures to forego an other
    event triggered by the same conditions.
    We would like to assume more of the burden of this interruption and demonstrate to
    you our long term commitment to error free service. To this end, in early September,
    we will credit your account (one account per user) with the first $XXX. - of your
    commission expenses for the month of August.

    Sincerely yours,

    Thomas Peterffy
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  10. Banjo


    hate it when I'm in the group that doesn't get a life boat and has to swim for it.
    #30     Aug 2, 2002