IB order rejected

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by exce26, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. If any kind of IB technical problem occurs it might repeat throughout the day.
    Recently they had many many bulletins out like this one:
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  2. Ditch


    If your connection gets lost, you don't have to close TWS, it will start trying to reconnect automatically. Happened several times to me today.
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  3. Eldredge


    I get the bulletins all the time, but I haven't had this problem yet. I wonder why it only effects some of us?? I only trade equities - could it have something to do with the type of account? I use almost exclusively limit orders, I wonder if the type of order matters? Good luck to those of you with problems, I hope I don't join your ranks.
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  4. Ditch


    I'm trading from Europe, so I experience a lot more connection problems then guys in the States.
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  5. Go www.dslreports.com/tools/ and run the tweak test. If you get the >2sec latency condition, download Dr. TCP and adjust your RWIN number according to the web site.

    The RWIN default in Windows is set too high and causes the >2sec latency condition which is a reason why some users are getting dropped connections.
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  6. Better to pay higher commissions than risk having your account wiped out by all too frequent IB downtime...
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  8. Better for who?
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    I did the test, something was set too high. Thanks.:)
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  10. Yeah, other traders in the chat room that I subscribe too said they were having problems.
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