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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by exce26, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. exce26


    After lunch hours,
    IB rejected future order.
    "Order rejected - could not value this contract at this time"
    I am waiting for their explanation response.
    Anyone have similar problem?
  2. it happens...i once got a partial fill on a naz stock for 496sh out of 500, i think thru ARCA, which allows odd lots. so i left the sell order open for the last 4 shares and like 5min later it cancelled it and told me it was invalid.

    #@$#@! thing....
  3. ddefina


    Yes, several times the last hour. This happens once a week it seems. I believe it's their execution server loses its quote feed, so it can't execute stops, etc. Limit orders work when this happens though I believe.

    If you're using stops and it goes past without executing, make sure you cancel it, cause when it comes back online, it fills at current price.
  4. PS - they just posted a bulletin about it.
  5. exce26


    They said,
    "Programmers are working on this issue "
  6. Ditch


    I had this problem several times today. so i decided to quit for the day at 3 p.m., in their last bulletin IB stated that everything was ok at 15:13. Entered a trade again, which I tried to close with a profit (the spike on the ES), after several rejections got out with a small loss. I really don't understand, why these guys send out messages that everything is resolved, when it's not. When all their systems are working IB is a great broker, and I have have nothing to complain about, but I haven't experienced one whole week without problems since I'm trading with them. I'm wondering if these connection problems occur as frequent with other brokers.
  7. exce26


    Solved the problem before closing.
    It was one of their server failure
    Missed several opportunity....
  8. Question: i nly use hot keys to enter market buys and market sells. is that why i was oblivious to a problem many traders hAd today?? ( judging from chat room comments)
  9. Ditch


    I use the mouse to transfer orders. Can't imagine that using hotkeys would solve this problem. :confused:
  10. Didn't anybody else have their system go down about 2:45 or so?

    My screen went pink, i closed the program and it wouldn't load up.

    I had to reboot my computer to get back on.

    Was it just me this afternoon, or did anybody else have TWS go down on them?
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