IB order rejected today

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by mapfler, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. mapfler


    Someone had problems with orders in IB? An order at 2.11 PM was rejected for contract "YM" - reason: "Could not value this contract at this time". They know something about this?

  2. dorfman


    i had that for YM too, but not for es - no message, just bounced the order out

    the scary thing is, what if you were IN a YM position - would it have rejected an order to take you back OUT?
  3. rc5781


    I put in a market buy and it didn't go through...so i just cancelled it...sucks...
  4. I don't know about YM, but I was unable to close my Euro futures position today. At the time, the open positions were being displayed on the account screen, but they had no value, P/L, or margin associated with them. Right now, I am waiting for TWS to log on. It's been sitting there for a few minutes doing nothing...
  5. nassau


    yes it happens all the time with us,
    we are trading es, er2, ym, nq and cl

    what we have noticed just like around 245 today when the market is going to move and usually a short squeeze we loose data and the screen goes pink, orders are not accepted and you can not exit, then the market moves. Once it opens someone got fkd.

    Here we notice that once some of the ecns start going down, within mins tws goes down and obviously IB margin changes so small accounts are forced to exit as they will get a margin call.

    It is just a new way of taking ones money.

    I personally don't by the servers are down or over loaded? bs if so spend some of the money and build ones that can handle the move but then that would not be profitable.
    I have noticed all this week that tws is slow to accept the orders, once clicked it turns green but takes several seconds to complete. Pretty sad that exit orders of 5 contracts are not getting filled but taking several seconds or part filled.

  6. Lucrum


    I have a YM position and my indicated average price is zero. Unrealized gain indicates zero as well.
  7. nassau


    talk about some bullshit

    one of the accounts trading futures is now out of compliance and IB has executed a market on one contract and the contract has not been filled now for over 5 mins. min.
    while it could have been filled at a lower price it is still pending while the future moves north

    total bs

  8. nassau


    we have had that issue last few days also here.

    I feel so sorry for the traders here and else where, trading is hard enough with out all this intervention by the gov't.