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    I keep reading about I.B and TS, I.B seems like the better deal, but what is the best charting to use with IB?
    (has anyone used TS charting with I.B.)...

    I need a recommendation for a direct access broker, and the best place to get charting (If I.B)

  2. i like ib and q charts combo. cheap and works good. i used ts for a while. didnt like it.
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    The various charting services (pros/cons) has been discussed endlessly on Elite. I suggest you do a very minimal amount of DD and look thru previous threads in the Software forum.

  4. I use both IB to trade futures and TS 6 for charts - love it. TS charts have excellent resolution and are easier on the eyes than anything else I have seen yet.

    If you are just trading stocks, then TS is almost as cheap as IB but with top-notch service - only the most hyper-active scalpers won't like it because it has no hot keys, etc.

    I recommend TS very highly. Note that TS7 will be out later this month (so they say) and it will have greatly improved linked charts, hot keys, etc.

    PM me with any specific ??? I'll try to help.

    Paul (not a TS employee or shill but someone who uses it)
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    I use Ib as a broker, Ensign Windows for charting, 100% satisfied with both of them