IB or TS8?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dhale75, May 5, 2006.

  1. dhale75


    Im looking to open a futures account. I will trade ECBOT 30 Yrs, 1 or 2 lot to begin with and I have heard great things about both IB and TS, just want feedback on which might be better for what Im trading. I have trading experience, so I dont need to interact with customer service or Brokers that often. Thanks guys.
  2. Just go with the one you can get cheaper commissions then.
  3. Aok


    Try IB and QT.


    QT- $0 non registered
    - $60/year ad free registry

    IB - Your commish + $10 for data if you generate less than $30 in commisions. Otherwise free!

    TS is good and you can get the platform free, but if you're just starting out there is no need to put pressure on yourself trying to meet commission free levels trading criteria.

    Concern yourself with taking the set up trade.

    Now if you have 50k to open your account with, that's something else.

    Go slow.

    Search this site for Tradestation, IB, Quotetracker. And others.

    Read the reviews as well.
  4. Aok


    That was platform free trading levels. Not commission free! ;)

    If you dont make the number of trades with TS after the first month, its $100 for the platform.

    So, IB and QT you get 10 months for the price of 1 with TS.

    Plus you will pay higher commish with TS.
  5. dhale75


    Thanks a Lot!
  6. Sanjuro


    Do you backtest or you discretionary?

    Backtest = TS8

    Discretionary = IB

    You can always get esignal or some 3rd party application like esignal for charts.