IB or Oanda or ????

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    Have been trying it out this week Def. It is very good, a great service for forex traders.
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    I was talking about pips and not big figure it was 116.95
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  3. Sorry to be off thread here but changed my USD for GBP at a UK bank yesterday and they charged me 1.84 for them - swoon. I could have bought USD for 1.65.

    On what trading platform and in what parallel world were those terms being offered yesterday??? :confused:

    Or just another instance of online fx trading being a million miles away from the real world.
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  4. hey, u know what? this gives me a good chance to make a point - u were trading with a single MM - instead of with an ECN!! :D
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  5. Don't think either an ECN or MM would have changed my physical $$'s!! :p
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  6. 1. Up Time
    Some currency brokers tend to have a high correlation between extreme market volatility and system outage.

    I understand that Oanda has no designated telephone dealing desk other than an off-the-record commitment to close positions only.

    For those trading with Oanda, how is their up time? Are they down frequently? Is their a correlation between outages and market volatility?

    2. I have seen comments here and there that Oanda conducts price shading based on your positions. I am left with the conclusion that this is in play to a certain extent in the entire FX market.

    Any comments on this would be most helpful.

    Thanks in Advance
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  7. I have just visited Oanda's Forums under "FXTrade Platform Issues". There are 2 threads that discuss outages today during US NFP data release. Some comments about this being the 2nd US NFP in a row where Oanda has been down.

    I called Oanda and they state that only their FX Game was down.

    It would be great to hear from some more Oanda traders on this to clarify as there is a clear difference in opinion on the system performance today.
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  8. Lots of problems that happened right at 8:30 when NFP was released on Oanda. It wasn't freely quoting until 8:45 AM, and order entry was hit and miss - sometimes stuck, sometimes kicking out an error (server rejected). I had to log in no less than 4 times this morning. What could have been a fantastic day (had Oanda executed my orders) turned into a decent day.

    The above relates to the live server.
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  10. ECNs, for example, Interactive Brokers, cannot shade price based on your positions, because counterparties do not have access to info re: each other's position when trading through ECNs. This is one of the reasons why it makes no sense to trade through a bucketshop, when one can instead use an ECN.
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