IB or E-Trade

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by craig, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. craig


    im looking to find a much more advanced broker. i am new to the game but getting better i currentley use wells trade which is a joke for trying to day trade which is what i would like to do as i gain more expierience. My real question though is do either one of these platforms require you to download software to your computer? i trade at work and i cannot download anything onto the comp i work on.
  2. You should forget about day trading at work.
  3. craig


    thanks for the help buddy!
  4. kowboy


    Both require you to download software for advanced trading, unless you use the web based sytems.
  5. I think IB commissions are better than Etrade.
    Both have web interface for trading.
  6. craig


    Thanks for the help, what kind of charting will i get with the web interface? Im not a hardcore trader i would just like to make a trade or two a day if i see the oppertunity.
  7. gr8stock


    Here are my two cents.

    Trading platform has to fit your needs and your level of experience.

    No professional trader would use E-Trade. IB is definitely the best choice for experienced trader.

    However, they will not hold your hand and will not spend much time on the phone with you. That's why there are so many complains about them in this forum. These are mostly new traders.

    If you are a new trader, with E-Trade it will be easier to learn the trade. Once you "graduated" you will not ask these questions and would trade with IB.