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    I assume some of the experienced options trader here trade through IB? Or, maybe, they are with other brokers, I don't know. But for those with IB, how do you feel about maintaining an account with a broker belonging to a group who makes about 18% of the options market? I mean, if you have a really big account, like a big individual trader, or an institution, and assuming you tend to be profitable each year, wouldn't that be a loss to IB? I expect that they are on the other side of your trades on at least some of the trades? If your account gets too big and you are compounding your return every year, would that be a worry to IB at all? Can that result in them maybe making a less favourable market for you? Or, in any other way, discourage your trading with them? I ask because I have never come across a broker who happens to be also a big market maker, and think that there might be a conflict of interest here? Sorry if my concern is naive.
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    I'm trading with IB and I'm not worried about their market maker condition.

    You know that if you fill the MM spread you're doing a good business... for them. They'll always buy low and sell higher. It's a pretty clear deal.

  3. they make most of their profits from trading. retail brokerage is just a hobby for them. ya should be worry.
  4. Market makers don't lose money when you make money. They are not playing a zero-sum game.

    They make money every time you trade, both as a market maker and a broker, and it is always in their interest to make a market that will encourage you to trade more in your account.
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    every broker/bank has a market making operation. I would bet that 99% of IB clients lose money anyway. Besides, IB (timberhill) was highly automated since at least the early 90s...there pit traders were referred to as monkey traders (fillers).
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