IB options analytics screen screwy

Discussion in 'Options' started by stock777, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Anyone notice that the charts that are drawn in the options analytics screen are not accurate?

    The current price of the option and projections are frequently way off, even though the delta & current price of the stock appear to be updated in real time.

    Got the usual mediocre response when this was put to IB.
  2. Can anyone tell me why the 10 yr note Dec options at 108 (ZN Dec 108c) is currently 1/64Bid 2 offer 1x1. They expire Tuesday I think and since it is close to ATM, you'd think the mkt would be tighter? Thanks
  3. IB options analytics screen screwy
    As long as they don't screw up on primary data feeds, trades and account funds, it's OK.