IB option orders lagging

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by arl, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. arl


    Is anyone else having problems with US option orders today? It takes me 10 seconds from when I press submit to when it turns green (accepted). Customer service is a waste of time as usual.
  2. Choad


    I've put in more than 30 option orders today.

    No problems that I've noticed. Orders turn green in a second or so.
  3. Just to chime in, I did about 10 option orders today and there were no problems.
  4. Please PM your account number and one example. If you see 10 second delay's please send us a 'Trouble Ticket' ASAP.
  5. arl,

    I sent a test 'Trouble Ticket' to IB and when I closed the ticket and was asked to rate the experience I selected 'very poor' and wrote in the comment field 'Customer service a waste of time as usual'. Fifteen minutes later I received a call from my boss, the director of customer operations, to discuss the poor rating I received. If you send 'Trouble Tickets' and rate the experience we will make the appropriate changes to improve our service.

    If you still fail to receive a satisfactory answer PM the ticket number. Managers are receiving real time alerts on poor service. We will act on them when the situation requires it.

  6. nassau


    We find that nasdaq options execute okay a few seconds but that nyse stock options executions lag.