IB option feed dwn

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  1. weird never seen this glitch before. All option quotes frozen
  2. Thu Oct 30 15:30:32 2003 EST The Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) is currently having technical difficulties.
    As a result, no options market data is reliable and therefore is unavailable.
    Options market data will return when OPRA has resolved their pricing issues.
  3. tango29


    message also? Just curious
  4. Thinkorswim thinks it's just a CBOE problem. But I'm getting stale quotes from other exchanges too.
  5. option quotes are not refreshing through SLK
  6. what a fuckin joke

    imagine if the NYSE or naz just had a glitch and suddenly stopped disseminating quotes...
  7. Sad ...
  8. tango29


    appreciate knowing its elswhere also, not happy either way but...

  9. DITTO that bro....

    it is a F joke!


  10. vega


    Just imagine if today was expiration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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