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  1. Where are they?:confused:
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    Where are IB option charts?

    IB is really pesky about that! They hide them under the icon called CHART at the top of the trading platform as well as in the menu (the word CHART) that opens when you right click the option symbol.
  3. I don't mean stock charts, does IB have option charts?

    Also if I expect an out-of the money option to expire very close to the strike, do I need to manually close the position to limit risk, and how do I do that? Do I exercise or sell the option, but is there a third option of telling IB not to assign me, so I dont pay commission in case option is essentially worthless? This assuming I bought calls or puts but don't want to make use of the right these options give me.
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    click on the option line you like to see and open (with symbolCHART) the chart (/or rightclick and select chart)
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  6. Oh I SEE! :D
    The screen loaded so slowly I thought it was blank. But if I waited 10 seconds the chart shows :)

    Also about my question, I am very serious. I need to know because I've never bought an option before. I just want to buy options at first to test the waters, but don't want to get forcefully exercised. I heard that can happen, even though an option is the right, not obligation. Because of automated broker system that thinks you can make money, but don't account for commissions.
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    The answers to all the questions that you can dream of can be found here:


    Obi Want Cannoli
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    Is it necessary to have a troll finder general to resolve internecene squabbles?