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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by jonper, Feb 17, 2002.

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    Def mentioned in another thread that IB NYSE Openbook is available for $50 per month. I looked on the website and did not find information about subscribing. Can anyone help me on where to find this information?
  2. Yes I'd love to know, too - Def, maybe you could help us out here - what I would particularly like to know is whether the openbook through IB is part of TWS (like naz L2, I think) or if it is an application provided by NYSE or perhaps delivered via an internet browser.
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    It's the same ugly applet that is used for Naz level II. The current beta notes talk about cosmetic improvements that should help.

    It appears to be 10-second snapshots, which I believe is what the NYSE data feed provides (to reduce bandwidth requirements).

    Mine went active on the second business day following receipt of the market data agreement FAX by NYSE. I asked them to contact me with the details of how/when it is to be billed, payment methods, etc., but haven't heard back from them.

    It's nice to be able to see your order go live on the book (though it may take 20 seconds, depending on when in the refresh cycle you enter it), for those times when you have a stuck order and don't know if it's live or not.

    It wasn't available, though, this morning near the opening (even at ~09:50 EST), which is when the information is most useful. I don't know if IB killed it this morning because of the problems they were having with NYSE the last two days, or whether it's not supposed to work then. Perhaps someone can ask them.
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    alanm, it was not available this morning because of connectivity problems I believe. I contacted them and they told me it would not even be active today (it was working premarket).
    It went back online at noon I think.