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  1. I'm seriously thinking of buying an iBook for my first foray into an Apple product. Does IB's TWS work OK on the Apple platform? Would you recommend an Apple to a "PC-lifer" ? Thanks in advance
  2. IB works perfectly on a Mac.
    some people take on an almost religious zeal in the Mac/PC debate, as you proabably know.
    The next version of OSX (Leopard, out tomorrow, looks amazing) comes free with bootCamp; run XP or Vista from your Mac (need to reboot though)... there's also a selection of virtual environments... I hear they're pretty stable....
    Get a Mac and hold onto your PC if you're not sure.
  3. Thanks- do you have a Mac? I have a PC with a 802.11b network in my house. My goal is to get an ibook and have it work seamlessly on that network. Does it work on the network I have? From what I've seen the only thing wrong with Macs is the price!
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    Though you need an Intel (ugh!) - based Mac to run bootCamp or Paralells Workstation, it won't work on PowerPC G4 or G5 systems.
  5. True you do you need an intel based mac... the new iMacs are pretty decent... they're not cheap, but the run so well.

    I see no reason for your ibook not to work with your current network...
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    I have a MacBook...been running IB TWS for about a year on it. No complaints...runs great. Recently started using it on Vista thru Boot Camp...works great too.

    Can't think of any issues whatsoever.
  7. You can't login to account-management with the Safari-Browser, it doesn't show the index numbers. But with firefox it works.
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    Since i upgraded to Leopard i am experiencing serious speed problems with the TWS, although i am using a DualCore iMac. :mad:

    Anybody got the same?
  9. yes - there are some bugs. i can only execute stop orders since I upgraded to leopard.
  10. 10.5.1, TWS 880.2 and Java 1.5.0_13 is working flawlessly for me.

    All Order types working fine.
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