IB Omnibus Subaccount

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by mabo, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. mabo


    I am looking for a provider that offers IB subaccounts, ie. accounts under the provider's master account.

    I have an offshore company and obtaining an account for the company with IB appears to be complicated and also impossible without giving up privacy.

    It should be possible to get a subaccount with a third entity, in this case account opening would be done with the master account provider.

    If anyone has experience with this and knows about a provider, please let me know. The costs should be reasonable.

    The disadvantage would be of course that the master account holder can steal funds. Maybe there are some established and reputable providers, (most prefered some with a bank licence) who offer this service.

    There should also be many providers who offer IB branded under their own name, I know that there are dozens for Saxobank.

    Any comments are highly appreciated.